We are creating Illusion, learning Illusion and living the Illusion.

We think we know ourselves but what we actually know is the reflection of what others told about us.

We have so much of time to investigate on past- present and future, we have so much time to discover the world and outside of the world as well.

Only thing we are afraid of discovering is ourselves. Because no one taught us to know ourselves as we are being defined by others.

We have the tendency to discover others, so we think that we have been already discovered by others and there is nothing else to know.

Question is: why do we let us discovered by others? Instead, can’t we discover ourselves with our natural tendency of discovering? Can’t we learn to reflect our inner self just the way we truely are? Why fo we need to be hidden for whole life?

It would be so beautiful to express our true expression and let other know what we truely are.

Food for thought..

#discoveryourself #knowyourself #donotleaveyourself #reflectyourinnerself #souljourney #soulgroup #awakening #awakened #❤️ #😘

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