Do you think social media has helped us to connect with each other? Social media have told us how to fake our life and disconnect with ourselves. Even though it doesn’t make any real connection we are addicted to it. We are not addicted to be connected with people but we are addicted to escape from our own reality.

How annoying does it feel when you are not heard in person? How broken do you feel when someone is not listening to you but more focused on their phone? What are they doing? They are just opening social media applications one after another and scrolling the page up and down without even focusing what exactly they are consuming.

Last year I have deleted my Facebook account, it felt good. But I kept the Instagram account as I love to write quotes. But I have been observing symptoms of mine as well as others. Now I feel to keep all my quotes with me and one day publish a book. At least whoever will buy will read definitely with interest.

Coming back o the observation, it was like this: I will have expectation that how many people reading my quotes and liking it. May be this is how one day people will know me type of dream. But honestly I knew that is not going to happen because people don’t really have patience to read something good and stop for a moment to understand. This is the second observation I had.

So basically in social media people are living another small illusion that other people are interested but, think for a moment: how would anybody give attention when you don’t give attention to others? You are one of those too.

Expectations hurt but illusionary expectations destroy your peace of mind. You lose your words, you lose your nerves to connect with real human. You feel isolated to humiliated. But you still continue and live the same Illusion.

Disconnected human life is a disconnection from the source. It would not continue for a long time I am sure. Question is when it would end? Period!



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