We know that Women are emotionally vulnerable. The society has accepted our vulnerability even if we get criticized for doing dramas but still we are being accepted in a whole that ‘ women do it’. It is the most common thing anyone could recognize and no one said us in the childhood that ‘Girls do not cry!’ but, what about men? Men were always told ‘Boys do not cry!’ ‘be a man’ from a very little age as if those are the only specifications to define what men are. Their subconscious mind has accepted ‘the truth’ and they learned not to be emotionally vulnerable (most common).


If we look at how the formation of Men and Women happens in the Womb of the mother, we do not see any difference. A boy is born the same way a girl is born. Thinking only about the biological formation not the gander. Siblings are being produced from the same womb yet society has made them behave differently. No one can deny the same divine energy which formed our physical body without being aware of the society.

I understand that Men and Women are designed to be different on their social functionality, daily activity but, that doesn’t imply for the emotions. From childhood I had boys as friends, also in my profession I got to work with men mostly. What always made me confuse about men is their emotions and expressions. Very few encounters where a man has opened up about their emotions. Others I found is totally disconnected with the experience of sharing their emotion. They ran away when they get emotional in front of a woman and let the woman wander for life what was the reason behind. Well, I believe they do the same in front of other men as well.

I have never found any answer.  Recently while going through my personal healing process I realized I have very similar tendency when it comes to vulnerability. What I feel is like no one is there to listen to me, no one really care what I feel, everyone feels I am OK. Then I assumed that for men may be this is the whole scenario, they are never being asked how they feel, they were always expected to understand women/ others. But if men do not have the space to be vulnerable how would they learn to understand it? If women wants to be understood, so do the men. But they are being fooled from their childhood that they are not supposed to show up their emotions. They believed and behaved accordingly. The world as well learned it and usually do not ask men how do they feel.

When I ask my brothers (sibling/ cousin) why they do not open up with their emotion? They say when they trust someone and try to open up, most of the time they find that the listener is not paying attention. So they close off again. It’s hurtful that I found them in my home as well. There is an emotional bond works between opposite gender. Women feel fulfilled when they are being listened by Men and vice versa. It’s the feminine and masculine energy which helps both of them to connect. Although both of them have both famine and masculine energy but, they usually reacts from their primary energy which is basically gender specific. Healing is possible when someone gets support from the opposite energy.

When men are emotionally vulnerable their real beauty would reflect. I personally would feel that I am being in touch with real men. The physical realm has given us one basic purpose to be conscious about the connection of Mind-Body-Soul. If anyone is unable to express their emotions they are unable to fulfill their basic purpose. That’s a pity right? Everyone has the birth right to fulfill their basic purpose by being aware of their Mind-Body-Soul connection. If we are  able to fulfill our own basic purpose then it is time to open the door for those who are still trying hard to find their own purpose.




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