One single sentence, ‘I am a child of this Universe’ solves all my objection, all disappointment and my dualities. Objection as no one listens to me, disappointment as no one knows how to have a good conversation with me, dualities are all those questions arises in my life with a ‘why’. I accept that each individual is alone and feels lonely consciously or unconsciously because we are born alone only with our own body. 

There have been always a moment for everyone where we thought that it’s difficult to understand another person entirely. We don’t even understand ourselves entirely. The proof appears when we do not find the answer for the question of ‘why we feel what we feel?’ If we look for limitations, we find limitations within ourselves.

We are another creature on this Earth, in a large picture we are another type of something in this Universe. The nature has formed us through us. Have you seen how a new-born banana tree is born? The new one born and the mother plant dies slowly just beside it. And there is a moment when it doesn’t exist at all beside the new-born banana plant. This is how all the new life forms and desolves which are not needed anymore.

Ony human (I assume) are the one who has a disability called ‘Expectation’. Human expect continuously, by themselves from themselves, from known people and sometime even expect from the unknown. That only disability has separated them from the whole creation. As a human I do have the same disability. But I don’t like it. I have been thinking what would be one solution to desolve my expectation from others. Since this is a disability, I cannot desolve my expectation from me. 

Only expectation I have if from my parents, why they don’t understand my love language even though they are my parents. No answer ever received neither from them nor from anyone else. I just can’t decode it. It has created fear, shame, helplessness, isolation, desperation, depression and so on. 

Sometime I thought it is my problem and I must consult with some Psychologist. And then I would think if I can’t help myself who would be able to help? People doesn’t seem to care for me the way I expect. They lack expression or I am overloaded with expressions. My silent hours are mixed of happiness and loneliness. And unfortunately all my lonely hours are silent hours. When I am happy I am disconnected with my expectation and when I feel lonely I am disconnected with the Universe. 

But, everything has a solution and human brain is mastermind to find its own solution b creation a new illusion. The same I did. My question was ‘how can I solve the disability of my expectation towards my parents without bothering them at this age?’

Whenever I have a proper question I get a proper answer from the Universe. It opens my mind to receive answers. I was lying down, my eyes were closed. I started natural visualization without any thought. I think they same would happen with anyone, I am nothing special. Closed eyes when willing to see something it sees something. I started with dust, light, color, then it felt like galaxy, then it felt green, then I found small little leafs like the succulent has, sometime I see is hazy and sometime it is clear just like when we focus our camera. I saw plenty of different types of green leafs and then the moment came when I felt I am a part of this creation.

Opened my eyes and asked who has created me? My parents? Biologically yes, but I am born through them not by them. None of my parents gave me the shape I have. Nature has collected whatever it needs from them and created me. I am as natural as any living being on this Earth. If human did not have a social life I wouldn’t have too, I wouldn’t have any disabilities as well because no one ever even known what is disability. 

Who is my real mother? I can say the Nature or best would be if I say the Universe, the mother of all creation and holding the whole creation gracefully without any mistake. No matter what creature it is, all mothers are the replica of this Universe. They are caring, loving and holding the meaning of being mother. 

Who gave this answer? Universe itself. 

How? Through the subconscious mind as the subconscious is connected to the universal energy of this Universe. 

Hence, if I say ‘I am a child of this Universe’ and it loves me just the way it loves every other creature and it even answers all my questions just the way a loving caring mother does. 

Isn’t it a good solution? or you can call an illusion. I am fine with it as at least I have my answer now. 



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