Your Expressions..

Letter to the one.. If I would ever remember a face after life it would be yours.. If I would ever describe any expression it would be surely yours.. I have never seen anyone having a transparent expression as yours.. Sweetest is your non-agreeable face.. Cutest is yours needy face.. And the expression while you … More Your Expressions..


In the evening when I get my cup of tea.. I search for someone in my mind but, no one close I see..   Someday being alone feels friendly itself.. Someday it is difficult when the emptiness shouts itself..   I think, I cry, I try.. But sometimes emptiness doesn’t lie..   I remember, When I … More Loneliness..

The Purpose..

The purpose of our life is as natural as we could imagine. If you think closely you will realise what you think as the purpose of your life is just an illusion. The moment you die nothing will be valuable anymore. But if you could remove the illusion and try to understand why we are … More The Purpose..

Magic of Creation..

At the bottom of our heart we know the truth that we don’t exactly know what we are living. Sometimes it feels all illusion, all magical, everything feels fluid, every form appears still and no resistance exists. Other time it’s the opposite with forms values goals like dislikes. But still we know nothing would hold … More Magic of Creation..