When you meet the right person, the best person in your life, you transform to your best version automatically. You do not feel it difficult to let go of things which doesn’t serve you. You leave your baggage of suffering. You feel that you are entering to the new world where the right person is going to meet you.

There is only one clause before you enter the new world. That is leave everything behind. The new world has more than everything you need. You enter the world and feel if you knew you were supposed to be here, you wouldn’t have wasted time earlier.

Unfortunately we don’t understand that until we are at the door of the new world. Also there is a process to follow, the time had to pass to reach the Divine time when the door would open for you and consume you entirely from the objective world of suffering.

In the new world you understand that process clearly and feel free to wait on the things you deserve. You stop chasing or stop try to make things happen. You know it’s happening with everyday Sun rising. Life is no more difficult. You feel light and overwhelmed at the same time. You know what you are mean to be and with whom you are mean to be.

There must be more of internal work going on even if you look outside. You feel blessed to be a part of this consciousness. Your higher self talk to you all the time and let you know when it’s your action time or when it’s your time to wait. You would know how Universe is making things happen. Everything is falling in place.

This is a heavenly feeling I feel all the time. Even if I come in touch with negative energy, it doesn’t stays around me for long time. I have gained that type of consciousness that I listen my higher self is explaining me continuously about their behavior and the reason for their negative energy. This inbuilt teacher is amazing that I know I can’t be lost anymore.

Experiencing awaking through soulmate/ twinflame encounter is a blessing, a blessing like a flower when it blossom for the first time. A soulmate encounter could help this way I never imagined. I can’t control myself to repeat each time the same. With each month I have transformed, I understood new things. When I ask how this has happened in one year of time, I have only one answer: when Angel touches you, everything changes. Your life becomes the garden you thought as heaven.

Wrote this few months ago when I completed one year of my ‘self awareness’ journey. Didn’t edit anything today.

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