I believe in the magic of destiny. This is one term which surprises me most often. When I was a kid, I just loved the term Destiny. But now everyday I feel life is all about destiny. But I know a lazy person would never get to see the magic because they won’t do the work which destiny asks for. Destiny asks us to take challenges even if we are afraid.

May be that is one of the reasons I get to see the magic of it. Open minded nature has always opened my heart to see what’s next. I was always afraid, still I am but, that never stopped me to take the challenge or make things out of box.

I grabbed every little opportunity as I always believed opportunities doesn’t appear always and I am ready to fail. My journey started with failing and it fulfilled my curiosity. Whenever I took any unknown turn in my life I was always curious to see what happens if I take the action.

By default my mind never thinks of pros and cons before doing anything. I rarely spend time to think on the risks. Really I don’t have any energy to think on everything or you can say I don’t know how to do that calculation. I am always ready to see what happens, no matter what the result is. What people call failure, I call experience.

A curious mind is beautiful and I have that beautiful mind. I always dreamed bigger than anyone I have been with. I think the high level of my spirit has always made me push and inspire others. May be my ideas were crazy for them but whoever trusted on my idea has always got a good result. Although I never told them I am just saying to try new things to see what happens next. I was silently monitoring what happened to their life 😉

So far my curiosity has let me study Philosophy which I did not understand till I completed my Master’s degree and got job in IT. Philosophy is always been applied in my everyday life. I call it applied Philosophy. Other than not understanding Philosophy, I was always afraid of travelling because in childhood I didn’t get permission and it has become my habit. But guess what, my destiny has different plans and I didn’t need anyone’s permission including my own :p

I never thought I will ever go out side of Kolkata. My dream of getting good job was always inside of Kolkata, I was damn sure that I won’t have the courage to cross the state, neither my father will allow. But I have been to Bangalore. Never travelled anywhere almost except from Mysore 😀

Then few alway from India to Czech Republic, the country which in size of is one of Indian states and many people do not have any idea where to point it on the world map, even unable to pronounce its name correctly or read correctly. At least I am proud I am not one of them and I was aware of the country because of the subject ‘History’.

Then had to fly to Germany, even visited Hungary. Today evening while packing to travel to the USA, my heart is only saying isn’t it my destiny? No one can modify it except from destiny itself. It’s an automated system writing my life book. I am enjoying it silently.

Destiny, the real definition of it would be: ‘let’s enjoy the story life is writing each day’.

I know only my story as I am the heroine of my life. I am sue you are yours. Enjoy!



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