Love, I have never seen you like this before. The sky comes down to pour you in my heart and touches you back through my breath. Do you feel it?

Love, I have never seen this happiness in my heart ever before. All the time I feel you as if I am fortunate to receive you just the way I am receiving now..

Love, you know how to create the feelings of eternity and the memories of heaven..

A feather touched my soul when you reached me like a breeze. The moment was most unexpected..

A moment of love was created when we walked together. The street lights still make me drunk..

I have never fall down, but I slipped so many times. Universe wanted you to hold me to create a memory of fall..

The smile you bring I have never seen before, the purity I must say. Have you ever seen the innocence of it? If you have eyes to see, you must have seen it on my face..

Love, your presence has grounded me, rooted me, preared to become the person I always wanted to be..

Love, I am so grateful to have you in my life that I don’t fear to be lost..

Love, without having you in my life I wouldn’t have known who I am. You have reflected my truest self..

Tell me when all this happens? 

I know it happens only in a life time, you finally reach a heart like mine and open it like the wide open sky.

I lose my words to explain how it feels to be in love with Love..



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