Painters paint the way they want it to be. Suppose a painter has painted a city. The city has buildings, ground, trees, birds, people etc. Painter puts each and every thing just the way it feels the best and comfortable. Just the way the painter feels it beautiful.

And suppose the painting becomes alive. People start walking through the street based on a timing. The Painter knows who will meet whom and where and how. Destiny is almost identical I feel. We meet people for reasons. The reason can appear to be positive or negative. If we observe the patterns we can find the reason.

It is like a moment when you speak something of your interest and with a right person, you got a moment to think that you are talking about one of your interest with a person who shares the similar point of view. If you wouldn’t have met that person, may be those thoughts would have been inside you for eternal life. So like the painting you are moving on this world and meeting new people, new thoughts, new hopes, new reason for happiness and so on.

my sky

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