The way mysterious we are in our behaviors &

Mysterious is the process of our life.

Someday someone suddenly enters in our life and our life shifts

Someday someone suddenly goes out of our life but, the changes remains..

We are constant only in our own life..

But. the same doesn’t apply with each other..

The life is as mathematical as the rail track

The tracks come closer & go away to run the trains in different ways..

Our life is just like that, it keeps going

it never cares if you cry or smile or die..

we keep trying to control everything

but, what would happen if we just let it flow without any control?

Although the path looks scary

But, it has the truth in it..

I have been denied so many times

Now I feel this is the flow of my life..

I am constant to myself

Everything else moving around as the planets orbits the Sun..


To be continued to make this article longer..


sky and I


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