After a long long walk now you know what lessons life has taught you girl!

Now you know that the first boyfriend in school doesn’t become your first Love..

First love comes after you learn what Love really is..

You know that someone who knows your every single thought isn’t your soulmate..

Soulmate is he who touches your soul and your life turns upside down magically..

And, you know how it is different from all other encounter..

You were experiencing when you thought you know everything about relationship..

Now you know that a social validation isn’t enough to be together for whole life..

Togetherness comes with mutual respect, mutual understanding, by choice..

You thought trust comes with time, afer spending a long time together..

Now you know trust comes from within naturally on your first encounter..

You just realize it later on..

You thought when you meet someone just like is the One..

But now you know they have just represented your messed up state..

They were messed up as worstly as you..

Girl! you thought great sexual pleasure could bring the best husband..

Now you know it isn’t only about sex, it’s about compatibility and acceptance..

Husband is someone who feels right for you from all different ways..

You thought being pregnant could give you a great father for your child..

Now you know first you need to be with the man who would be a great father..

Then you will see how he plans for the child, he is looking for the same after-all..

You thought you could demand love just because you want to love someone..

Now you know true Love doesn’t demand anything..

Loving someone brings peace and more love in your heart..

Girl, Now you know what love is in certain ways..

But, this is not enough..

You will know so many new meaning of Love as your life travels with time..

You will learn more with the man of your life..

He will show you a whole new definition of love..

And when you will be a mother, you will learn how the meaning transforms from one to another..


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