Let the life take its own course: this is what my inner voice is saying for few days and gave few examples as well. I was repotting some ZZ Plant and thought to put in three different pots but that really didn’t happen. I ended up to put them in two pots and it looks better and organized. The voice inside said this is how life takes its own course. Few days ago I washed up few white decorating stones from one pot and decided not to put those back for the same put. I kept them to dry without knowing where to use. Finally those stones ended up in one of the ZZ Plant pot and I heard the voice again: this is how life takes it own course.

It finally triggered me that I must be doing something which wants to take me a life lesson. I have been obsessed with the thought of getting married but, my life doesn’t seem to move an inch. I am where I am everyday other than wearing different clothes, eating different food, sleeping in different pattern, getting different dreams and reading different pages of books. This is tiring whenever I get any new obsession.

Luckily the inner voice shouts for me to remind I am doing something weird and it has to change. Lesson comes first but, I find the definition on my own. Being human and trapped in human lesson can only give stupid obsessions. Our life never walks that way, at least people who has their own mind never follows the pattern which our society taught. We keep obsessing about our future and never get there exactly the way we plan.

When I started listening to my inner voice it has given me so much of clarity in so many different aspects of my life. Yesterday while I was investigating the sentence ‘let life take its own course’ in my mind, I realised how I am a slave of my mind. My body is continuously responding to the obsessions I have and it never asks me to stop even if it is tiring. But are we only slave of our own mind? No, we are the slave of our own existence. 

It doesn’t matter if I have one life or many, it doesn’t matter if I believe in one life or many, I am a slave of my own existence. I can either mark it as a curse or a blessing. It is a curse when I am trapped in obsession. It is a blessing when I am enjoying the uncertainty. Each next moment is uncertain for us but, we think we are controlling it all. Isn’t it funny?

Life has been taking its own course eternally. I feel dumb here or it would be wise to understand I have nothing to do here, I have to experience only. Life will take its own course, it is the only duty life has got and doing a great job.


the moon and jupitar

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