One day there will be someone who will discover the depth of my soul, he who will see through my eyes and find out what I see within him. This is called hope. We have to have some home for the future, the hope which is the driving force of life. Spiritually speaking, being in present moment doesn’t mean that we must stop desiring our future, it doesn’t mean we should lock our hope and be present. Being present is to be aware of where I am, what I am thinking and accepting how it is at this moment. The true alignment with this moment is to accept the present.

Take one day at a time, be present at this moment and do not imagine what would happen in the future; all this could be so much materialistic as well. It could make you feel your world has shrunk with the wall of cloud. When you hope for your future, the world expands with your hope and the cloud goes away to show you how wide the sky is. If you do not hope, you lose your vision to your future, you lose the driving force of your life.

Consciously or unconsciously we are continuously planning and creating our future. Even if you understand why being present at this moment is important, even if you know that is the only true moment we have, you cannot stop hoping for the future. If you force not to think about the future and enjoy this moment, soon you will realise that you are resisting your own natural process, you are losing yourself at the moment and with pleasure you sometime might feel you are ready to die.

Your hope for your tomorrow is also a part of this moment. You just have to enjoy it in order to be align with the source. Your hope is the key to the endless possibility which as human we have come to explore. Don’t lose yourself in this moment with the feeling that you are trapped. The only way you can break the trap is to hope for your future. Hope is the water for the driving force. Without hope you do not have a purpose. And you know without purpose there is no meaning to your life. 



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