Human tend to seek comparable options when their choice seems so difficult to get or seems difficult to wait. Those moments of difficulties makes us feel to lower our standard and get something at least, and the fear of not getting anything only because of the choice we have.

But, if you pay attention you will notice you are considering an option to be the destiny of you. Do you think it can ever meet the expectation you had from your choice? Never, because while picking one of your options you already know that if not what you really want, that is not what you really deserve.

And then there is another paradox, you try to make your option to be your choice and also think that your tendency to modify thing will make the option just like your choice. That is never possible other than you end up disappointing yourself and then say it was better to wait for my choice rather than the option I have chosen.

Blame game! Yes that is what most of the time we do. We blame ourselves, we shame ourselves, we don’t learn to have patient or have the intention to get better than the existing choice. We tend to forget that we always deserve the best and there is no boundaries. But, what we do? We run downwards without boundaries and complain whole life or regret the best choice we had once thought of.

Is it really so much difficult to have the dignity towards our choices?

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