Yesterday I was watching a simple funny short film where the girl said something like this when the boy proposes to her: ‘I really like you but, as a friend’. The boy asked: ‘Why is that? I always thought you have feeling for me. Did you use me to get help?’. Girl replies: ‘Why would you say like that? It’s better to be friends because I am afraid to get into a relationship as I had a bad relationship before. I cannot imagine to have the emotional turmoil again.’

Ah! that last answer from the girl is what I needed to hear. I realised it was always their fear and I felt there is something wrong with me. This is why knowing self-worth and self-love is important to give a back when we face this kind of scenarios. I eventually realised that there is nothing wrong with me, there is nothing wrong with anyone. But, still I didn’t have the answer of ‘Why’. That one short film has given me insight. Well, at least I started to re-analyze the ‘why’.

I am also one of them who said NO to others, but at least I had that clear statement of why I am doing what I am doing. Any kind of rejection creates a mental pain. An explanation could give back to handle oneself. The same never happened to me as they might not have any idea why they are saying a NO. Although I got many ‘sorry’ from them after a long time when I have learned to get over it and the sorry was accepted to release them from their thought of being cruel might impact their Karma.

Although I thought none of them (exception is there) were really deserving but I learned few great lessons just because they had enter in my life in some point. This is going to be a long story if I explain everything in detail. But, still below are few of the lessons:

  1. never ask for a why when someone says NO to you.
  2. never create a situation where you feel you have the right to ask for the ‘why’.
  3. Know your self worth, that will drive your choices to the right direction.
  4. Know your actions and what could be the result of it.
  5. Practice Self-love to give yourself a back when you do not receive a validation.
  6. Never stop asking even if the answer is always a NO.
  7. Asking is always OK but, asking the same thing to the same person is NOT OK.
  8. Believe in their answers, it never changes.
  9. Forgive them even before they say a sorry.
  10. Forgive yourself for everything you did to hurt yourself.
  11. Pray for their healing.


That’s it for today!


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