Choices Liberate Us..

Everyone goes through the seasons of life. Some are born to understand and embrace every single season. It’s a blessing for those who really get to know there are seasons in human life very similar to the seasons of nature. The name of human seasons can be determined only by the person who is experiencing it. In my life the Fall is gone and I am entering into the stillness of Winter.

Sometime I feel I love sadness but not a mess. My sadness brings happiness. It’s just like the day and night relationship. One depends on the other for their identity. Without the day no one could have known what os night and vice versa. The very same with sadness and joy. I embrace both just the way I enjoy the day and night. Night holds my stars and the day holds my light.

It’s not so long ago that I learned I am going through all the seasons of my life. With that knowledge now I know my whole life has depended or will depend on my choices. My choices have liberated me from the fear of being caged for ever, being shamed for no good reason, being controlled even in my dreams. Being able to make conscious choices brought the taste of liberation.

On our way of life we often see we are not regarded as individuals. We are asked to follow the known. Because ancestors in fear of unknown could only command to follow the known. They couldn’t learn their life. In my word the ancestors in fear of unknown are the young souls. The old souls never stop enjoying the unknown. Because they know unknown needs to be explored and tasted to make it known to the world.

Conscious choices are not rebellious or arrogant. Conscious choices exapands the moment and let one see what would happen throughout the life. Conscious choices makes a person patient beyond everything we could imagine. It gives the courage to break all the fears and become determined. It strengthen us to accept anything happens in the present moment.

Choices liberate us by all mean.


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