Oh my dear Mind!

I appreciate your ability to think for me. I appreciate that you never give up to give me back. You must also know that you have learned so much and helped me so much to deal with a better human life. I cannot stop appreciating you for the self respect you have achived. Today I want to tell you few real fact you must know. 

You must know I live in my whole body. My hair, my nails grow, my stomach ask for food and I eat, my shoulder pains I feel it. So you must know and understand I live in my whole body not only in my head. You must help me to release energy to my whole body to feel little light in my head. You must know I can never stop you to do your work until my body dies. Please help me deliver my energy to the whole body and let me love myself more.

You must also know that the peace comes when you surrender. Ego involved in your wire makes me restless. You take over all the energy my whole body deserves. What you do is create imaginary characters and defeat them with your critical analytics. But, you must know those will never happen in reality and you will be defeated by fate. How about we make a deal to surrender to life and let the ego rest forever with love.

You must also know I appreciate they way you keep expanding the mind and bring all new unique thoughts and help me write, help me channel by stopping your creativity totally. But, you must know that you need to learn about translating my emotions. Instead of giving false fact to my subconscious, please know that all my emotions are not facts and all your messages to my subconscious is not true. It would let us experience the reality as it comes. We will be happier and in peace.

Your Soul!


Love Signs

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