Purpose is greater than a definition we can think of. It seems to be dynamic to me. In one way purpose could be what exactly we were born to do, on the other way every single incident in our life serves the purpose.

When we were hurt in our childhood for any reason, we did create many stories in our mind or it would be better if I say our mind had create many stories to keep the hurt and the people we made responsible for the hurt. We even still remember those. But can we reverse it by any chance? Yes definitely we can. Think of any incident (e.g. I was hurt by my father emotionally) and understand that if you were experiencing the same incident by someone else who is really not important in your life, would you have felt the same pain? No, definitely not. So now you know how exactly it would feel to be hurt by someone specific. This is how our experience serves our purpose. The same applies with love.

Everyday experiences are serving the purpose for that moment. Isn’t it great to find out the purpose of the moment? Trust me you can’t even keep a count of all those purpose. We are born to have human experience, that is fulfilled by default even if we don’t really understand it.

The other side of the purpose is to know what purpose we have individually. Which is more of serving our identity. Doing great work, it could be anything great for yourself, not necessarily for the public attention or validation. For example, writers have a great purpose, they can write own their thoughts, vision and put out for the world to know the uniqueness. They help to expand our thought process, even the critics get benefitted by the writers. When you get a content, you consume it in your mind and then elaborate intentionally or unintentionally and it serves you somehow in the future. So that is how writers have their own purpose. Purpose to benefit  others.

But, what happens when you don’t have any purpose or you don’t know it yet. Many of us are upset not to have a purpose which we could give a name to. Purpose is not something you could name. As I said before, it is dynamic. When you do not know your purpose,  learn to be kind. Kind to yourself at first. Until you feel it towards yourself, you are still in learning process. Then be kind to others. Be kind to the nature. Be so kind that you feel great about being kind. We need more kindness for the Earth.


Eckhart Tolle quote

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