I kept thinking this time will pass and I am heading towards my future. But, the fact is I am always in the present, I am not going anywhere but future is coming towards me. Depending on my actions or no actions the future appears as the present and no one has control over it.

When we think we are continuosly heading towards something, it can be tiring, it can be hopeless and confusing. Some time I think what is going on with me, what am I up to? Am I supposed to do something now? If nothing appears in my mind I really don’t do anything. Childhood is unclear, before we could understand anything someone distratcted us and we didn’t bother to understand. Even if we did not have purpose, we had a lot more distractions which facinated us.

The more we grow up the more we are with our true personality and the more we could control the distraction coming towards us. W learn to say no when it is required and when we need to think to put ourselves together we avoid conflicts. What exactly we do is we learn to sit in the present moment. We open our vision and plan and have it in our mind or on paper how would it look like. Then we take action towards it to reach the goal.

But, we never reach the goal, goal reaches us when we are ready. If we were trying to reach goals we would have spend all our energy thinking of the future or may be going to the future. And that we cannot do. So if we think that Future is coming towards present our visualizations become more powerful, we become more productive to improve ourselves and we become excited to spend a day as valuable as our goal. We win.

Always need to remember the unfolding process. If you could imagine a mat two sides are rolled up, one is called Past and the other rolled side is called future. In between those two there is a thin area to sit, that is present. Both the side keep the balance automatically. One side roll up and the other side opens. We still sit in the present. That’s life!

medieval scroll


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