Reality doesn’t hit an awakened soul emotionally, it hits by the understanding that it’s too rare to find another awakened soul on the same page and at the same place. Awakened soul would talk like this: I am blessed that I met another awakened soul, let’s share our journey towards awakening; or, isn’t it so difficult to find another awakened soul out of all these lost minds? and by looking at their eyes we know they don’t have any clarity of human life.

But, I didn’t have any conversation like that. Everyone has a different picture of really and it keep shifting with time. At this moment I have a totally different view of human life and purpose than last year or the year before. Currently I understand like this: humans are just another creature or animal on the planet Earth. We are formed naturally just the way an algae is formed naturally. We are the creation of that super intelligence. We are able to destroy lives around us but we need to depend on that super source to create another new life. We do very similar stuff like the Ants. We have society, we save food, we give birth etc. We have a huge amount of illusion stored in our mind. We born we die yet we do lie. All the time we are on the go to get lost once more.

What surprises me the most is a lost mind sees all the other minds from the window of their own lost mind. Interesting is an awakened soul just knows when another lost mind on the way. I don’t mean awakened souls are those who are spiritually sound, awakened could be those who speaks up their mind and keep themselves genuine. Knows what would keep his soul alive and what would kill her many times. He and she is not so different when they keep themselves truthful and find themselves in peace.

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