Life is surprising everyday. Being part of the same life I am the ‘surpriser’ and the ‘surprised’ at the same time. Life could be described as the container and the content at the same time. Sometime I learn from within and sometime it comes within. Cannot really define my side, it keeps changing automatically as it comes. I become everything and everything becomes me and there comes some cloudy hazy phase to get some clarity. I keep moving to think and keep thinking to move. This is as surprising as I am saying and as thoughtful as you could think.

Someone said, in one evening all the seasons pass through my facial expressions and I said, I am full of emotions. I love the way I express, I love the way the emotions take over. I believe there is nothing meaningful if I stop expressing my natural emotions and expressions just because the society cannot take the raw. I will find million ways to express myself until I die. For me that is life. For me that is what the Universe is asking to learn.

I am learning to be the person who loves a bird without a cage and searching a person who knows how I could be that free bird in his cage. I will cage myself as I want and fly if he thinks the cage has to be solid. I am the woman who believes in choosing the life and create the unknown surprise. I know everything is real as the unreal is unknown. I am limitless as nobody has ever seen the limit. I am worthy to explore this life as I was born to do so. I am tender as flower and stronger than stone. I love and receive love and live the life more.



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