Universe wants to play with you if you decide to play with it. Just link the rubber ball, if you throw it on the wall, it returns to you without being dependent on someone else. Whenever I am planning to go for a new path and not sure what to do I ask for direction, direction comes sometime faster and sometime late. It depends on what energy I am in. A little doubt can delay and a little more confidence could let it happens quickly.

Most important and fun part is to keep the mind open. When the message reaches us, we have to put our attention on it. If the mind is calm and has clarity, it focuses on tiny sounds, little words spoken by others and peculiar sudden words in the mind. It repeats until you focus on it. Once you focus it goes away. If you get your message you are lucky else Universe would try again later and wish you better luck next time. Sometimes one word would kick me the whole day and it turns out to be a big message when I am in front of the result and everything feels meaningful.

I must give one example: thinking of buying a dress, I would visualize how exactly it would look, color, how would I look and what is the purpose of buying it. Once selected everything, I lock it in my mind and then I will be excited to buy it and walk around malls shops for few days. If my energy is really in alignment I got it on the first day and if I took more days to decide if I really need to buy it, I might take more time. The results I have received are amazing. I feel there is a huge difference between going to a shop, choosing from existing collection and finding the one I am looking for.

And when I get it and appreciate the Universe, it gives me more chances to see through more messages and play with it. Open mind, flexibility to receive more than what you want is the key to play with the Universe. It usually surprises you more than you expect and more than your mind could think of.


evening light



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