I am a human of contradiction. I accept myself just the way I am. Contradiction is colorful. Contradiction cannot be mainstreamed but, definitely could be true. I am a great example in my own life and I believe there are thousands of people like me with many more contradictory characteristics. Mostly we see we don’t accept the contradictory characters as it doesn’t match the usual social blueprint. We get rejected for being contradictory.

In my opinion everyone is made of so many contradiction. Difference is most of the human race is afraid of saying it loud. They are afraid of their own contradiction and they choose to hide their true characteristics because they can’t stand the fact that they wouldn’t be accepted by all so called ‘normal people without contradiction’. A huge population is in the category of hiding their own contradiction. Surprisingly they even give a wired look toward people like me who love to speak out the truth and show the beauty of their contradiction.

Fact is if the crowd cannot believe the contradiction exists in human nature, it certainly doesn’t become a truth. Truth is we do have many many contradiction and living with it everyday. Few examples would clarify what I am saying:

Story 1: A professor decides to work in company and then after a period of time he decides to go back to be a professor and then after sometime he decides to paint and it keep changing.

Story 2:  A girl decides not to get married and make herself independent and successful, then she decides to leave the job and get married and be a homemaker, then she decides to do some business.

Story 3: Someone relocates to a new place and says she is not liking the place and feel nothing would workout and then a day comes when she falls in love with the same place and then she decides to relocate and fall in love with another place.

Story 4: A girl decides to depend on someone, she gets married and leads a beautiful life, then decides to work and again after sometime she falls back to home making.

All the above scenarios could be as real as I wrote. But, question is how many of us would have the courage to live our own contradiction and how many of them would have the courage to accept us with all the contradictions?

Someone’s fear doesn’t change the truth. Someone’s incapability of accepting the truth doesn’t remove contradictions. We live with the truth and it is beautiful to express it, talk about it and share awareness to inspire to have courage, inspire to see how beautiful the truth is. 

reflection on solidity

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