A dark phase in your life comes far before you actually realise what is a dark night of the soul. It’s not the stories which you made up with your ego mind, it’s you dealing with the most negative situations in your life helplessly. It’s you when you cage yourself in a dark well where you do not see any light and you are abandoned by your own people or thrown by them behind the eternal wall from where you can only decide to suicide. But you don’t, your soul came here to live and your body is very young to let your soul go and true enough you do not have the courage to die. You are a fighter and you fight back.

You fight back for yourself. Then you have no idea what to do with your life. You try everything you could possibly do. You ask yourself what is the only thing you crave. I am sure enough you crave love. We are made of love after all. The whole Universe is a replica of love. May be the term is being miused but, you definitey crave love. Your energy level is running in negative, low self-esteem, high anger, high level of self shaming, and the level of helplessness is extream. You start with playing victim.

Being the victim you attract more victimized situation. You are dealing with your heart and lost mind. It never speaks to you. You are not connected with yourself. You search for all closure but, you have no clue where to start. Your days never give you time to find solution. Years and years goes by. You are lost and lost so much. You don’t find the track where you have started and naturally you have no idea where it ends. 

Now the turn comes for your Soul. It has experienced all possible possibilities to bring you back to the Universe of consciousness. You failed to come back to the consciusness and failed to read the clues. You are stuck in the victim role and the whole world feels a huge cage. The soul then takes over to heal you. Your innerself controls every single movement. Thanks to you that now you beleive on surrender as you have failed to take care of your soul. You have done every possible stupidity to kill your soul.

For the last time before you die, the Soul starts it’s own work. It pulls you out of human interaction, lost crowd, and cage you in solitude. It starts its own treament on you. You have no control over yourself. You have entered in the dark night of the soul. Your dreams, your days, your life starts evolving around you. Now you focus what is happening within. You understand you are that child of the Universe who is hungry to grasp the eternal love you deserve to have. You become calm and ready to listen.

Your lesson starts, your days get better, your happiness returns, finally you find the love within. You are awakened now. Now you feel stupid that why did you always searched for love outside. It was always there within you. You gave it away while you were thinking the love will come from outside. Your understanding begins here. Your real lesson starts here. You are newly born to read the love of this vast Universe. You understand that you are love. You know you and your soul are the twin flame together. You know that it is your responsibility to live-love-grow. It is your responsibility to gift yourself a beautiful life. You shift from consciusness to consciusness like the dancing angel in the Cosmos.


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