Who is responsible to accept us fully? Can we claim our full acceptance from anyone? If yes, who would it be for you? I have been thinking about it lately. The conclusion I came up with is: self acceptance. Now it may feel really lonely that we have to do everything for ourselves, why no one else would do? Why are we responsible for our own emotions, our own validation? Well, even if nobody else says it loud enough to you, I am saying it: you are the only one who is capable of knowing your emotions. If you are not aware of your emotions, how could anybody else enter in your brain?

First you learn how you react on certain situation, how your emotion flows, how you love to have the environment to make you feel comfortable? Once you get that, you can actually communicate to someone else how you want things to be. Now you have one your part. But, you have to remember every human has got their right to choose if they really to fulfill your wish. If not, then what do you do? Now the first two lines of questions come back again. Who is really responsible to accept you fully?

You cannot force anyone else but you can take the responsibility to understand your emotional dynamic and care for it’s healthy flow. The first person who could accept you fully is ‘you’. You are the one who could stop judging ‘you’. The moment you take your emotional responsibility, another wrong action stops altogether. You stop judging others for not taking responsibility of your emotion. You stop to put others on an expectation pedestal. Things become easier and simple.

Although I agree we spend very less time to analyse our own emotions and the root of it. We get mad on others so easily when our ego is the one who must be on check to maintain the healthy emotional environment in our head. Negative emotions can be taken care with your analytical analysis but, never with emotion itself. Emotion cannot handle negative emotion, your intelligence can. Go for it.


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