My soul speaks to me:

1. it feels to be more calm

2. more patient

3. no expectation

4. simply sit back and see what is coming

5. keep the container open to receive whatever you have manifested

6. everything is there for you perfectly

7. you must be ready to receive and deal with it

8. Gods/ Universe’s plan is best and perfect

9. when you think more you think for a whole week or month as you know there is no space and time and we are not solid. The pace of our thought process depends on our smart brain

10. but that brain must understand the pace of Earth’s movement and have patience for it

11. each moment you are manifesting something new and new. You do not even consciously think of all of them. Those unconscious manifestation works as well

12. you think without boundaries but know that your brain is the fastest of everything. Earth cannot run with your brain. Wait for it to happen..


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