No matter how fragile you think you are, it is your illution. The illution of fragility itself. You get hurt and then you feel it is the end of everything. You stay in this state for a while and then aain with time you live as usual. You might learn to think, act little differently but, you stay the same person. You start believing in yourself again and you fell fulfilled. You forget that once you thought you were broken, you forget to believe in fraglity.

Then again another turn comes and you break and you feel again the state of fragility and then you repeat the same process. Actually the thought that you feel everything is fragile is unbreakable. If you see closely enough you will realize that it is the unbreakable cycle of life. We repeat the same things to experience the same things to beieve that we are still alive. We have no idea how far this cycle goes, is it only for this ife or does it continue after life as well?

Every spring the new leafs come and in every fall the leafs fall apart. The life of the plant stand still. Same way I see the dandelions. Even if those are cleaned up every month while cleaning the grasses near the streets, it grows back again. And if it gets enough time it dies and we actually like those dead fragile dandelions. Even if it can be blown away by a little wind, that is not the end of their story either. Next spring you see more.

This way whereever you look, you see how fragile everything or everyone is. That is the eternal way of living and it is unbreakable. In fact even if you try hard to break and believe that you did, you will end up again at the edge of the cycle again. You actually break down in every scenario to stand up again. This is how it is impossible to break the cycle and believe it or not we are the prisoners of this cycle but, we can feel free within the same prison if we live the life without looking at the prison barrier.

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