You are not what you were yesterday. You are not what you were at your worst.

The painful stories of our heartaches which we keep reminding ourselves and prepare ourselves for the worst, are the stories which has gone long ago. But, even after a long time we seem not to care about how we are now. Even if we are doing good today, we say ‘but, that worst has happened to me’. Our painful stories take over us and we give away all our power to the past.

We do not stop there, strangely when we believe we can’t do; we can’t get hurt again, our close family members and friends believe in us and they feel weak about our capability. Even anyone try to inspire us and say that there is nothing to be afraid, we resist that type of statement. We are on denial to accept we could do better, we could take new challenges, we could take the responsibility to take care of ourselves in a positive way. All we do is believe we are weak and if anyone says opposite, we refuse. 

We simply trap ourselves in a past which is not the reality today. We spend most of our free time thinking and planning how we would protect ourselves if the same scenario comes in front of us in the future. We become warriors of our own future worst case scenario. We are afraid to get hurt because heartaches don’t feel good.

One fine day we realise that nothing wrong has ever happened again and we have lost our time to be prepared for the worst instead of the best. We might have not achieved a beautiful life, a successfull career and a lot of happiness because we never prepared ourselves for that. We papared for the worst and just because of that we failed to keep the bests.

We always need preperation to achieve and keep good things. We just cannot abandon our achivement. We cannot change our past but we can definitely learn from it. Honestly, if we have really learned the lesson, we will definitely save ourselves in the future. One time experience is enough to handle the same scenario. But, we need to remember one scenario is not the best reference to handle all life long challenges.

Each time chanllenges change, the process to overcome changes, we keep moving, we keep witnessing great things in our life. We take responsibility for ourselves and never get lost in one bad past story. With age we become mature, mindful and stronger. We become responsible to set example for others to overcome and trust that we will live a better life.


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