Not everyone get to experience their own unbelievable stories, not everyone thinks that they have an extraordinary life..

Yesterday I have completed 50 days of gratitude journal. Everyday before I go to bed I have to write down at least one reason for being grateful about the day. In my worst days when I felt nothing incredible I wrote ‘everything is working out for me’. It is indeed working out for me no matter how worst I think my days are. It is never actually worst, it is always better.

When I try to hold things in my heart my days are difficult. But, when I release the grip I feel the heavy stone has been removed from my chest. After all we all are walking towards the unknown. Every next day is unknown. Then why to hold on to anything? Every day is new and everyday we get to hold on something and release something else.

This journey creates our stories. We don’t need to try to make any story out of our life. Life makes it naturally. Life doesn’t care what we expect from others and what we want in our life. It brings everything randomly. The whole life story is random expereinces. As random as the mathematical probability. Sometime you assume a result which matches your plan. But, I am in the other category where nothing matches.

My expectations look at me to crack a joke and my wants? It never really heard anything from me. But, it gave me everything I could have never imagined. Who would have thought that I will have to return to my country when world pandemic is making history. Who knew that I will even have a chance to make myself an example to those who are looking for inspiration to become successful, idependednt like me even if I cry like a child? Who knew that most of my big dreams haven’t come true yet?

Regardsless of anything happened to my life my eyes are still wide open to see the end. End of what? End of every single story started in my life or yet to start and has not end yet. The story where I dreamed to adopt a child or two. The story where I dreamed to get married happily, have children and see them grow. The story where I promised myself to be strong. The story where I promised to be alive till the end. The story where I dreamed to become an angel.

My story is eternal. Not sure how many era I walked, not sure how many body I have changed, not sure where all I lived, not sure how many children I have had in past lifes, not sure if I had died in the holocust, my soul knows this unknown is not really unknown, all the stories are to repeat the history. I am just a character in every life. Holding on to anything doesn’t stop the life to create new stories. The eternal stories.

Sometime the stories come without any thoughts in my mind. How about we all write down all unorganised stories of our own and see how well do we know where we stand in our lives? Write down your stories, some day someone will come and cherish the story as their unknown. Write down everything till the end for the sake of the unknown.

“Ek din jab savere savere
Surmai se andhere ki chaadar hata ke
Ek parbat ke takiye se
Suraj ne sar jo uthaaya
Toh dekha
Dil ki vaadi mein chaahat ka mausam hai
Aur yaadon ki daaliyon par
Anginat beetein lamhon ki kaliyaan
Mahakne lagi hain
Ankahi Ansuni so
Aarzoo A hui
adhE jaagi hui
Aankhein mortar hue dekhti hai
Laher gift Laher
Aur Mauj gift Mauj
Behta hui Zindagi
Jais har pal nayi
Aur Phir BHI wohi
Haan wohi Zindagi
roux daaman mein koi mohabbat BHI hai
koi Hasrat BHI hai
Paas Aana BHI hai
Door Jaan BHI hai
Aur yeh ehsaas hai
Waqt jharne sa behta hua
Jaa raha hai yeh kehta hua
Dil ki vaadi mein chaahat ka mausam hai
Aur yaadon ki daaliyon par
Anginat beetein lamhon ki kaliyaan
Mahakne lagi hain”

_Veer Zaara

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