Dear Love..

I want you to know that you are a perfect partner..

Dear Love,

I want you to know that a relationship is never one person’s responsibility to walk, it is not one person’s duty to meet the expectation neither it allows one person to expect all the things. Relationship is not a walk of one. To make a relationship we always need a dynamic couple of first person and second person. It is all about you and I together. It is all about us.

Relation is like both the pulms together to hold some water to fulfill the thurst of life. Relationship is never one person’s responsibility. It is the two who help each other to become the best in their own roles. It is the knot which keeps two people together. The moment it becomes only one person’s expectation and other person’s duty, it loses it’s existence and it takes the name of burden.

Relationship is the game in which two people play fair to each other. It is an understanding of two people to be together to make their life better. It is never about one person. One person cannot make it work. I want you know that you are one of the best persons you could be. You are capable of giving all that you have. You don’t hold back your abilities. That is enough for you to be the best partner.

To be a good partner you do not need to be anything you cannot be and you do not need to keep secret of what you can be. Relationship doesn’t demand what other thinks of you. It matters what you believe you could give. The relationship is a tree where you water to see the fruit of your own. Relationship gives you another you you have never explored.

With Love..

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