I am a woman and I am proud of my worthiness..

Every new turn in my life teaches me that I have to learn about my value, how worthy I am and what defines my worth. If I don’t know my worth, I would sell myself less always. Selling in the price of respect, value, the true worth. Often I forget what all are NOT worth of accepting. Today I will list them here to let all women out there (including me) know that we are worthy of everything.

One: It is worthy to let go of anything for which we need to beg. Nothing increases its worth the moment we think we are worthless without that particular thing. The moment we beg we sell ourself less in terms of self-respect. The moment we beg we accept that we are less than our wants. We accept that there is not enough resourses.

Two: It is worthy to stand our ground when nobody stands beside us. Eventually we learn we were always right for ourselves. Personally no decision is good enough for me if I haven’t taken it on my own. It is OK to take suggestions but, making my own decisions are worth of a milion.

Three: It is worthy to be conservative in relationship. Not giving access to our body to validate a relationship is totally fine. Because we woman carry the womb and the eggs. We are the extension of the human creation. It is worthy of charging a man to pay commitment before accessing our body. It is important that a man first access our mind, soul and truely know our worth. It is important that they decide if they are willing to pay it all. A woman deserves that payment.

Four: We don’t need to be feminists to ask for our worth. Our worth is far greater than being feminists. We are capable of showing the difference between our presence and absence. In this world of human race we are just two different types: men and women. We get to show our part of worth to receive something grater. And to receive something greater we really do not need to be equal. Because we are not equal. We are different and we must keep it different. We must claim our worth by accepting the differences. It is not worthy to show how we can do what men can. It would be worthy to show what only women can.

Five: It is worth to shout about our dreams, desires and plans. If anyone says we are expecting too much, definitely they are not the ones to be there for us. By saying we are expecting too much they are bargaining our price to know if we are OK to reduce our worth. We are too expensive for them. We should show them the door to go away and let the one come who knows the worth and offers the same.

Six: It is worthy to show respect to ourselves in front of others. If we don’t respect ourselves, no one else would either. It is not at all selfish to show it clearly what type of behaviour, treatment is not OK. We should not take ourselves for granted, neither we should let anyone to do the same with us. Attention to self and being present for others shows our dignity. If I can do this for someone, I deserve to receive the same. This is how we define our worth.

Seven: When you buy something, you either look at the price and the look. When both matches your expectation you buy it. On the other hand we also buy something we really like even if it is costly or we don’t bye at all if it is not worth of the cost. The same applies in choosing life partner, jobs, surraoundings. Don’t buy yourself anything unworthy. Every single action of yours defines your worth.

The reason I always write down important understanding is not because I have learned it all. It is because I am still learning and this are points which I must follow by my heart. It is worthy to see myself survive all the difficulties. It is worthy to stand beside myself at first. It is worthy to give the best company to myself. I was born alone and I will go alone. Other than that fact nothing is permanent in our life. Hence it is worth choosing the things which describes our worth.

Taken at Delhi Airport


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