Some people are alive forever in our heart..

It was a snowy December 2017 weekend morning at the new apartment I moved in. I felt I found a new life within my existing one. It was my turn to clean the common area as per the apartment residence rules. I was figuring out what all things I should put into right places before I am done cleaning the common area doors and floor and stairs. I am usually afraid when I am doing something new, worried about my actions are correct or not. Although I have always been okay on my actions.

Snow flakes are dreamy in my eyes. I stood outside the entrance with the intension of putting my name on the letterbox but, I kept looking at the snow. I had to clean the snow at the entrance stairs too. It was fun though. I love activities. In India, I believe I will never get to clean the snow. While looking at the snow I kept having many questions in my mind, was wishing if I find anyone who would speak English. The city I was in, most people didn’t speak English, specially elderly people. They all were very sweet Czech speaking people.

Suddenly I heard someone is coming down by the stairs, I looked back and saw a girl. Very thin, sweet smile, shoulder length hair most probably, cap on her head, fully dressed to go out in the snow. Before I speak to anyone unknown I keep thinking shall I speak or shall I keep quiet. But, good thing about Czech people is that they greet everyone. So she did..


and I immediately asked

_do you speak English?

_‘yes I speak’

I was relieved.

_Whats your name?


_I am new here and I am planning to clean this area as it is my turn this week.

_‘I never liked to clean this area, I feel it is an extra work’

The female bond clicked. I felt that she is interested to talk. Then I asked,

_why are you going out in this snowy weekend?

_‘I am going to my nursing training. I used to work but, I left the job and planned get nursing training. I have to go today.’

_thats nice, I work here as well. It’s great knowing you! Do visit my place sometime. My door is on the first floor.

_‘sure, my door is above yours. Ask if you need anything. Good day!’

_good day!

She went and I started cleaning the place. I put my name on the letterbox, cleaned the entrance stairs’ snow and cleaned it all. I felt so good after talking to someone who spoke English. Else all my days were just to greet people in Czech and smile whole heartedly. Other than office I never got to talk in English.

Few days passed by and I met Lucie again. She smiled always. Mostly our meet used to be at the entrance or on the stairs. We asked each-other about how is it going and we both seemed to be leading a good life.

Then after few months passed by and one evening I entered in the apartment while coming back from office and there I saw a notice pinned with some flowers. I went close and found it was written in Czech. I got curious to know why the notice is pinned with some flowers! I opened my google translator to translate the notice instantly. What I read was unbelievable.

Lucie, she was 29 and passed away because of severe illness. Our condolence towards her family. Her funeral ceremony will be at so and so place.

My heart broke. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t well. She had never let me realised what she was going through, instead she was very kind and happy. I was sad for weeks. I asked my office colleague who was the previous tenant of the same flat I used to be. She mentioned, ‘it seems she had cancer for a long time’. I wandered why Lucie said that she was taking Nursing training.

I lost one friend whom I knew for the shortest period. She was even a year younger than I. I felt sorry for her parents and family as well and always guessed who could be her parents. I didn’t know them well and neither they spoke English. I haven’t forgotten her till date. She was my friend. And what I learned from her is like this:

Life is short, you never know when it ends. Live it happily. Be kind. Smile.

one snowy day in Liberec

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