Universal Flow..

Here I am standing still, a human female who observes the flow of life. The flow which has it’s eternal existence..

The trees grow, the flowers bloom, the roots expand, the birds come out of the eggs, the snake shades the skin, river flows downstream, plateau shifts, the Earth moves, the Moon moves along with the Earth, our lives keep changing within itself. There is a universal flow within all and we can’t resist a tiny bit of it.

Forget about our delusional mind which can’t even identify ‘what is it’ and ‘what is in it’ about anything. We don’t know so much that our knowledge could be invisible to the actual existence. We have formed all of it, the Math, the Physics, the Astrology, the Philosophy and even the Psychology. First we behaved unknowingly and then we noted down the same behaviour and made formats to wire our own mind. Interestingly we can see the proofs when we travel through the world to see how similar we are with the tendency of creating formats and how different we are to create different formats based on different Geographical locations.

Those formats don’t work to understand the flow of the Universe. Those only redirect us to outwards and get more and more inputs. This is how at some point of human revolution we have forgotten what actually we were and what was our actual purpose. It has been several millions of years human has evolved. We have forgotten ourselves to learn ourselves again. There is only one way of learning it all by mirroring the universal flow.

We are nothing but, the part of the same universal flow. We are the experience of the Universe and we are the one who experiences. We are all there is. We are the part of the same existence where every single form is experiencing its own existence by being a part of the universal experience. The whole existence is one whole experience itself.

Everything is constant and our life is one fold. We don’t lose anything and we don’t get anything. We simply experience the experience itself. If I am experiencing a flower blooming, the flower experiences me at the same time. When we die, the death experiences us at the same time. No matter how much we discover, we will end up learning the whole forgotten flow.

That’s the magic and it says how slow we are that millions of years have passed away and how the Universe is continuously working on us to get to the beginning. All the life forms of this Universe are waiting to see when the greatest creature of all will be awaken to see all of it was available just in front of them. They simply complicated to understand the simple Universal flow and they called it science.

There is no difference between before and after. It is all it is.

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