Sand Fountain..

Does time really exist? If yes, don’t you think that is because we love to think that way? Other than getting solution for some equitation and our satisfaction what is the use of time? Because you have access to ‘this moment’ only. Your memory doesn’t access any specific time, your memory access a specific past event and even sometimes it access imaginary future events or some fantasy. How interesting this thoughts are! Am I accesing any specific time or am I accesing my understanding or memory?

I have been reading a book where the main point of discussion is Universe and how it has expanded and how it may or may not collapse in the future. No matter what I read I see it as visualization. I can’t help it. When I talk or think about my future dreams, I clearly visualize. I see every details. So in the case of Universe there I read about an example on how Universe is expanding. It is as if you have drawn some dots on top of a balloon and when you start blowing it, as the size of the balloon expands, the dots goes far away. Those dots are supposed to be the Galaxies. And then in addition when those galaxies or in this case the dots goes far, you draw few more dots in between. In between the space of previous dots, you can keep drawing more dots as it keeps having more space and if the balloon expands infinite, it goes on.

But it never ends or we have no idea when it all started. I am talking about the expansion of Universe and endless galaxies. Now the thought comes like this: what if it is a roller coaster, what goes away returns. Like a fountain but not a water fountain, it is a sand Fountain. It’s a replica of life. Take an example of our human life, what if we are born, lived in a moment and die to born again. May be our death ends in another womb. Similarly human soul travels body to body and it never ends. It is like the Penrose stairs, a paradox.

Drafted: November 2020

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