Love itself is a Karma..

I felt Love is so alive, love has a life and the choices of its own. It is very picky and do not live as per your wish. Love decides its destiny. It knows when you abuse its environment.

It would stay when you have created an ideal home for it just the way you create an environment for the plants to live or for yourself to survive. Love only loves the place where it can enjoy its existence. It has billions of places to go after all. If not in your life, somewhere else it would find its bed and be a blessing out there.

To honour love, make sure to cleanse your heart, make sure to be kind towards yourself and others, make sure to smile within and without. Love would always stay in your heart. The aesthetics of your chores would show others if love is there in your heart or not. You will feel the same when someone approaches you with a loving heart.

A loving heart becomes loving in two ways: first one is by being loved and guided from childhood and the second is by choice after being hurt so much from childhood. In the second scenario Love is the only choice and path of healing.

Remember, Love is just love. Do not mix it with other usual forms of human definition. Love is a Karma, it doesn’t mix with others. Love is the highest of all Karmãs and Gunãs.

Drafted: March 2021

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