About Me


I am Sangita.

I find myself as a self motivator and influential character. I am born positive and cannot stand negativity. Negativity is the most boring thing in this wold.

I believe, I have the ability to show the power of words. Simple words can motivate people towards positive direction. Spreading positivity through: smile, words, right tone; is one of my hobbies. Making a person believe that she/ he is a superhuman and can get whatever they want for themselves. It even makes me feel powerful that I have the expressive way to make people understand my points. Positivity is the thing which will keep this world alive.

I love to listen to different thoughts. There is a lot I don’t know about this world, about the science, the human nature, about metaphysics and so on. I would love to title myself as a traveller of ‘collecting knowledge’.

Well, I use words which you may find non-standard, but still you will find the meaning in it. I give meaning to those words.

Thank you very much for knowing me a little.



Email: Sangita.Mohanta@gmail.com