Snowy street.. They are walking silently.. They are in their own minds.. She is following him few feet away.. A sound of old Thumri catches their attention.. He turns around.. She smiles.. He walks two feet towards her.. She runs, falls in his arms.. Their story continues.. The musical.. đź’™


I believe in the magic of destiny. This is one term which surprises me most often. When I was a kid, I just loved the term Destiny. But now everyday I feel life is all about destiny. But I know a lazy person would never get to see the magic because they won’t do the … More Destiny..

Magic of Creation..

At the bottom of our heart we know the truth that we don’t exactly know what we are living. Sometimes it feels all illusion, all magical, everything feels fluid, every form appears still and no resistance exists. Other time it’s the opposite with forms values goals like dislikes. But still we know nothing would hold … More Magic of Creation..


If we cannot imagine ourselves as formless, we will never have the access to the unlimited source of consciousness. Consciousness is all we have. We are consciousness and we need to be conscious about it. When I look at the sky and the trees, specially the trees of winter in Europe gives me glimpse of … More Vastness..

The Beautiful Story

One day we will tell our beautiful love story with our children, grandchildren that how we have connected with each other without using the easy ways of communication even though we have all the facilities. They will be amazed to see the bonding we share where the world is a mess to manage love relationship. … More The Beautiful Story