The Home..

I say it always home is where I live. Home is the feeling of security. Having own house and witness the process of making it, is a huge achievement. Our emotions, our values, our dreams everything we plan to store in the home we make. The home even share the bonding between the life partners. … Continue reading The Home..

The Lead..

The lead of my life I mean. My choices and expectations have been simple but complicated. When we start growing up and slowly move through our teenage, we build our personality. It depends on our social, personal circumstances.That period can build a really independent person or very much dependent person. In a way it's destined … Continue reading The Lead..

She Knows..

There she is ! at the age of fourteen.. Surprisingly I met her today after almost eighteen years.. I am speechless to see how much confidence she has on herself.. Standing in front of the mirror with an irresistible smile.. Her sharp eyes are so sure that she is unstoppable.. She knows she would be … Continue reading She Knows..