The Home..

I say it always home is where I live. Home is the feeling of security. Having own house and witness the process of making it, is a huge achievement. Our emotions, our values, our dreams everything we plan to store in the home we make. The home even share the bonding between the life partners. … Continue reading The Home..

She Knows..

There she is ! at the age of fourteen.. Surprisingly I met her today after almost eighteen years.. I am speechless to see how much confidence she has on herself.. Standing in front of the mirror with an irresistible smile.. Her sharp eyes are so sure that she is unstoppable.. She knows she would be … Continue reading She Knows..


The main door key has taught me few great lessons and it never forgets to remind me in case I missed to remember. First one is: be kind and the second is: do not rush. Whenever I rush to lock the door, seems I become unkind to pull out the key from the lock and … Continue reading Key

You Weren’t Afraid of Working Hard, Then Why Are You Afraid of Being Successful?

It isn't difficult to work efficiently. You remember that you have been appreciated many times for your performance. You have been rewarded in different ways. And when the final time came in front of you to achieve whatever you have dreamed for, your courage has become like size of your heart. You have to remember … Continue reading You Weren’t Afraid of Working Hard, Then Why Are You Afraid of Being Successful?


My belief system is driven by inspiration. My inner voice asks me on every single step if I am inspired enough to go for anything new I am thinking off. I am responsible to response all the questions it asks me. It asks: Are you inspired enough to the go with the decision you have … Continue reading Inspiration