My soul speaks to me: 1. it feels to be more calm 2. more patient 3. no expectation 4. simply sit back and see what is coming 5. keep the container open to receive whatever you have manifested 6. everything is there for you perfectly 7. you must be ready to receive and deal with … More Understanding..


1. Be grateful to have each other 2. Keep yourself creatively surprising, after all you are a book and it takes time to reveal 3. make and keep the habit of keeping the sky of love as beautiful as it could be 4. be original, be what you really are 5. Find new ways to … More Relationship

Full Acceptance..

Who is responsible to accept us fully? Can we claim our full acceptance from anyone? If yes, who would it be for you? I have been thinking about it lately. The conclusion I came up with is: self acceptance. Now it may feel really lonely that we have to do everything for ourselves, why no … More Full Acceptance..

The Beggar..

She begged until she learned she is already rich.. She begged until she learned that she has everything.. She begged until she knew they all are beggars.. She begged until she knew she gave away more than she preserved.. She begged until she learned empty souls cannot fill her.. She begged until she met the … More The Beggar..