The 2nd Half..

It feels home now. The same feeling of the air, the sounds from the street, the singing birds and the sound of from the dancing trees. If I close my eyes it feels the same as I felt at my birth place. Surprisingly it is grounding me and connecting me with the oneness. When my … More The 2nd Half..

My Home..

Home is where I live. But where do I live? Home is where I feel peace. But where do I find peace? Home is where I am most comfortable. But where am I comfortable?   In my Body.   Home is my body. The body with whom I am inseparable. The body which makes me … More My Home..


If we cannot imagine ourselves as formless, we will never have the access to the unlimited source of consciousness. Consciousness is all we have. We are consciousness and we need to be conscious about it. When I look at the sky and the trees, specially the trees of winter in Europe gives me glimpse of … More Vastness..

Found Happiness..

Life has gifted me a lot of colors and mane more to come. From the time I became aware that all happiness depends on this moment, my life started changing. It usually never happens naturally for those who are ‘lost mind’ as I was. I became aware of the present moment and it’s beauty and … More Found Happiness..