Choices Liberate Us..

Everyone goes through the seasons of life. Some are born to understand and embrace every single season. It’s a blessing for those who really get to know there are seasons in human life very similar to the seasons of nature. The name of human seasons can be determined only by the person who is experiencing … More Choices Liberate Us..

Hope for Future..

One day there will be someone who will discover the depth of my soul, he who will see through my eyes and find out what I see within him. This is called hope. We have to have some home for the future, the hope which is the driving force of life. Spiritually speaking, being in … More Hope for Future..

The 2nd Half..

It feels home now. The same feeling of the air, the sounds from the street, the singing birds and the sound of from the dancing trees. If I close my eyes it feels the same as I felt at my birth place. Surprisingly it is grounding me and connecting me with the oneness. When my … More The 2nd Half..

Men & Emotions..

We know that Women are emotionally vulnerable. The society has accepted our vulnerability even if we get criticized for doing dramas but still we are being accepted in a whole that ‘ women do it’. It is the most common thing anyone could recognize and no one said us in the childhood that ‘Girls do … More Men & Emotions..

First Step..

Spiritual journey starts with consciousness which is a replica of universal consciousness. The consciousness observe itself and feel the energy of being alive. It observes how it is breathing, feeling, analyzing and how it is a part of the universal consciousness. We are consciousness and realization of that fact is the first step that you … More First Step..

Found Happiness..

Life has gifted me a lot of colors and mane more to come. From the time I became aware that all happiness depends on this moment, my life started changing. It usually never happens naturally for those who are ‘lost mind’ as I was. I became aware of the present moment and it’s beauty and … More Found Happiness..