Fear of Surrender..

Early morning, it was 5:33. I woke up and thought to sleep again. Usually all my ‘why’ ‘what’ and ‘how’ come during this time. Today a feeling of fear came. No, I wasn’t afraid. I have given a life to myself where I am mentally secure. There is no fear that someone might be looking … More Fear of Surrender..

Life is Peaceful..

Life is peaceful when we know what we want in our life at the first place and secondly by removing what doesn’t serve us anymore. Living in peace is more important than the idea of rest in peace. We have only one life which we will remember and we aren’t sure what would happen after … More Life is Peaceful..

The Unbeliever..

Belief is another form of opinion. Beliefs are illusion or you can say beliefs are not the exact truth. Belief changes person to person, time to time based on one’s understanding and experiences. Some minds are influenced by other’s opinions and some minds are successful to influence other’s with their opinions. So we know there … More The Unbeliever..