My biggest fear, hardest challenge. I remember having dream of getting married some ten years ago and then it faded away. No one could possibly talk to me about my marriage arranged or love. Neither I said yes to my parents nor I found the right one until the year 2018. Something happened and my life … More Marriage..

The 2nd Half..

It feels home now. The same feeling of the air, the sounds from the street, the singing birds and the sound of from the dancing trees. If I close my eyes it feels the same as I felt at my birth place. Surprisingly it is grounding me and connecting me with the oneness. When my … More The 2nd Half..

Your Expressions..

Letter to the one.. If I would ever remember a face after life it would be yours.. If I would ever describe any expression it would be surely yours.. I have never seen anyone having a transparent expression as yours.. Sweetest is your non-agreeable face.. Cutest is yours needy face.. And the expression while you … More Your Expressions..


There is an invisible connection from my heart to yours, it sings the song of innocence.. There is an inseparable you within me, the consciousness which has awaken the Universe within me.. There is an ‘Us’ within every single living being, they are breathing back the love towards us.. There is this Love which unites my … More Love..