It’s Important to Know What I Expect From Life..

Life is surprising everyday. Being part of the same life I am the ‘surpriser’ and the ‘surprised’ at the same time. Life could be described as the container and the content at the same time. Sometime I learn from within and sometime it comes within. Cannot really define my side, it keeps changing automatically as … More It’s Important to Know What I Expect From Life..

Men & Emotions..

We know that Women are emotionally vulnerable. The society has accepted our vulnerability even if we get criticized for doing dramas but still we are being accepted in a whole that ‘ women do it’. It is the most common thing anyone could recognize and no one said us in the childhood that ‘Girls do … More Men & Emotions..

The Purpose..

The purpose of our life is as natural as we could imagine. If you think closely you will realise what you think as the purpose of your life is just an illusion. The moment you die nothing will be valuable anymore. But if you could remove the illusion and try to understand why we are … More The Purpose..

First Step..

Spiritual journey starts with consciousness which is a replica of universal consciousness. The consciousness observe itself and feel the energy of being alive. It observes how it is breathing, feeling, analyzing and how it is a part of the universal consciousness. We are consciousness and realization of that fact is the first step that you … More First Step..