Do you think social media has helped us to connect with each other? Social media have told us how to fake our life and disconnect with ourselves. Even though it doesn’t make any real connection we are addicted to it. We are not addicted to be connected with people but we are addicted to escape … More Disconnection..

My Home..

Home is where I live. But where do I live? Home is where I feel peace. But where do I find peace? Home is where I am most comfortable. But where am I comfortable?   In my Body.   Home is my body. The body with whom I am inseparable. The body which makes me … More My Home..


In the evening when I get my cup of tea.. I search for someone in my mind but, no one close I see..   Someday being alone feels friendly itself.. Someday it is difficult when the emptiness shouts itself..   I think, I cry, I try.. But sometimes emptiness doesn’t lie..   I remember, When I … More Loneliness..

The Lost Minds..

The lost minds who are continuously planning to fill the empty space in their head with anything from outside world. They are afraid to sit with themselves to check on the knowledge they are consuming. They lead their life with the process of ‘Outside-in’ instead of “Inside out”. There is nothing wrong with being knowledgeable, … More The Lost Minds..

You Don’t..

I was thinking about simple stuffs in our life which we shouldn’t do at all. When we don’t do those it actually makes us to respect ourselves more. May be a lot of you already do, but I had to learn, test and validate.. Point Number 1: When it comes to your family, listen to … More You Don’t..